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A Higher Calibre Roofing System

A higher Calibre Roofing System 

Calibre means quality, it means high performance and it means excellence. So, when launching their latest roofing system, Calibre, Gerard delved deeper than ever before into the world of design and performance to produce an uncompromising cutting-edge design, that is the ultimate blend of form and function. 

ADNZ reached out to Gerard to get the scoop on its latest product launch and to find out about the key values that drive Gerard product development: Design, Performance, and Installation Efficiency. 

Design Aesthetic 

Looking to current and future trends, Calibre’s panel was shaped to be minimalist with a sleek, flat surface.  Utilising negative space to accentuate where the laps join, Calibre features an elegant, panelled appearance.  Matching understated accessories, including barge and valley covers, coordinate the appearance of the entire roof. 

Gerard’s Concealed Fastening (CF) technology has been incorporated into the design, adding to the discreet appearance of the panel.  Each panel interlocks with the panel from the row underneath, hiding the fasteners between the two panels.  CF protects fasteners from exposure to the elements and provides a clear optical line across the plane of the roof. 

Oil canning, a common aesthetic issue with other forms of steel roofing, is minimised with Calibre due to its considered design. Each panel’s smaller surface area, combined with the swaging effect of the nose fold, gives Calibre a robustness resistant to canning.  This also minimises noise from contractions due to heat fluctuations. As a result, Calibre can be installed across large planes while maintaining its integrity and smooth appearance. 

The horizontal application of Calibre panels allows flexibility in roofing design as roof penetrations are easily installed around without unsightly flashing back to the ridge.  This allows a continuation of the panelled appearance across the plane of the roof.  

System Performance

System performance encompasses all of the aspects of the panel system working in synergy to ensure efficiencies and best performance. 

Calibre has inbuilt Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) capabilities, made effortless with head-pads pressed into the panel structure ensuring the panel is raised to a sufficient level to allow airflow up between the panel and the underlay. These head-pads provide the ideal place to secure fasteners without risking crushing damage to the panel through improper fastening. 

The panel is constructed of a core of 0.55mm steel, coated in a zinc-aluminium alloy and finished with proprietary protective coatings. This construction gives Calibre a high level of durability, as proven by Gerard’s 30-year perforation warranty.  The confidence in Calibre’s strength is underpinned by rigorous laboratory testing, completed to the highest standard. 

Installation Efficiency 

Gerard has been a mainstay in New Zealand’s roofing industry for over 60 years, with a wide network of experienced installers.  Utilising learnings from this experience and consulting with their network, Calibre was designed to maximise installation efficiency and minimise cost. 

Being a compact, transportable roofing material, able to stack easily on standard pallets, Calibre is an ideal option when a project is based in remote or challenging sites. This allows for panels to be brought to site and easily moved if required.  A pallet can also be loaded directly onto a scaffolding platform for easy access during installation. 

Calibre roofs can be ordered in full off building plans, a departure from other metal roofing forms which require a site measure before sheets and then a later measure before flashings can be ordered. With the Calibre system, everything is onsite, and the roofers have all the tools they need to complete the job, saving time and improving productivity. 

Gerard’s three-pronged approach lies at the foundation of the Calibre panel, and each element of the design has been scrutinised to ensure the product performs from start to finish.