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Reaching new heights of design

The appetite for creating outdoor living rooms to provide families the room to grow and play, no matter the season, continues to grow. As does the desire to achieve seamless continuity between interior and exterior design.

Kelly Rush of Krush Architecture is fluent in the language of great indoor/outdoor design. A recent project delivery, undertaken with builder Stu Howard from Howard Construction - who actually owns the home - and Bobbie Howard who dealt with the interior design, attests to this.

Located in Waitikiri, the timeless property features a striking timber cathedral ceiling that flows seamlessly out to an outdoor entertaining area. The exposed timber roof structure and tongue and groove ceiling lining delivers a grand but equally intimate feeling with a warm and cosy ambience.

An expert in commercial and residential architecture - Kelly says he embraces the opportunity to work on such unique designs as it liberates a passion he has held close to his heart since his early years. "Ever since school, I wanted to do architecture. My family has always been in the building industry and so I grew up fascinated with that and drawing. I was always drawing houses."

Needless to say, his Waitikiri design is evidence of a dream realised, and also, a sensitivity to a changing tide. "For a long time bigger was seen as better when it came to homes - and bigger still has its place, it likely always will - but things are changing. People are now realising that they can make their houses very impactful in other ways too, through the details and specs.

"In this case, we focused on designing a huge living space in terms of the volume, which is achieved thanks to the Cathedral ceiling. We introduced stone columns and a chandelier in the outdoor area with pendant lighting and polished concrete indoors.

"The meeting of earthy materials used inside and out creates a striking feature with the warm timber ceiling flowing from inside to out. The exposed timber roof structure and linings totally change the feel of the living space compared to a more standard paint finished plasterboard ceiling that most similar houses have. This makes a real point of difference."

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