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The Kiwi Way

Nikki Morris, Resene Colour Consultant, says New Zealanders are becoming increasingly adventurous in the use of colour in their homes.

"We well and truly own the lovely, hand crafted, handmade, DIY look and are confident in the use of natural materials. And there is a lot of mixing and matching going on - placing the imperfect alongside the modern. It's quirky and it works really well. It's a distinctly New Zealand look."

When speaking about what's hot, Nikki says to be on the lookout for a 'glamming up' of our industrial look. She describes it as an ‘after five’ treatment of raw and natural materials.

"In wall papers I'm seeing a theme of indulgence coming through… bigger, bolder, moody prints and classic, beautiful, timeless patterns."

Nikki is also noticing a rise in the popularity of 'sweet whites' - white with a touch of pink blush, feminine and soft tones and rose golds.

ADNZ member and award winning architectural designer, Tane Cox from Red Architecture, is a master at pairing raw and natural materials with colour. He says the trick is to start really simple with an underlying colour or palette.

"We look at what we are working with to start with as a backdrop, and then consider what the benefits would be of applying colour. If you are starting with timber or concrete, you can introduce most colours successfully and get a really good result," says Tane.

Whether you stick with natural tones or love to bring in a bit of bright, colour is completely in the eye of the beholder. And in most cases, can be changed at a whim to match the seasons, owner's tastes or the latest trends.

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