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Gibbs Farm

Overlooking the Kaipara Harbour on 1000 acres of beautiful rolling farm land is a selection of impressive sculptures by world renowned artists.

Owned by rich-lister Alan Gibbs, Gibbs Farm is an art collection on a grand scale. Works by Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy, Bill Culbert, Len Lye and Leon van den Eijkel (just to name a few!) are scattered across the vast landscape. It has taken Alan Gibbs approximately 25 years to collect the more than 27 specially commissioned works on display. Each sculpture is unique and site specific.

An hour's drive out of Auckland, Gibbs Farm is a popular destination for art lovers. With appointment only viewing available at certain times of the year, visitors book months in advance to secure the much coveted tickets to this spectacular exhibition.

One of the more well-known works is by respected sculptor Anish Kapoor. Over the past twenty years his work has been exhibited in some of the most prominent galleries and museums around the world. This includes Kunsthalle Basel, the Tate Gallery, Reina Sofia, Haus der Kunst, the Whitechapel Art Gallery and at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

His work titled Dismemberment, site 1. is a powerful project which leaves many visitors surprised and in awe of its scale and colour. Appearing as a giant double headed tubular structure, the sculpture is composed of a vast PVC membrane stretched between the two giant steel ellipses. Kapoor has described it as being "rather like a flayed skin".

Andy Goldsworthy is another artist that stands out in the impressive lineup of renowned sculpturists. A British artist, Goldsworthy uses natural materials to create temporary outdoor sculptures in unique and diverse locations. His Gibbs Farm project is presented in the form of large arches leading to the waters edge. Exposed to weathering by water, wind and fetch on the tidal flats, the art piece has an ever changing quality.

In celebration of 50 years, ADNZ's 2016 conference is making a special journey to this remarkable site. There is nowhere more appropriate for a bunch of passionate architecture and art lovers to visit. ADNZ feels very privileged to be able to visit the site and grateful to the owners for the opportunity.

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